Short-Term Rehab Program

When recovering from surgery, an illness or injury, many patients find they need additional care - after their hospital stay but before they’re ready to return home. Schuyler Hospital’s Short-Term Rehab Program helps patients regain strength, mobility and independence in the shortest time possible.

Our Short-Term Rehab Program is housed on our Medical/Surgical Floor. The program allows patients to “swing” between levels of care from acute medical care to rehabilitation to, if needed, rehabilitation in skilled nursing. This means when the patient’s condition no longer requires hospitalization, but he or she still needs rehabilitation, the patient can remain here at Schuyler Hospital. For patients coming from other facilities, it allows them to return to the community more quickly, while still receiving the appropriate level of care until they can return home, or enter the skilled nursing unit.

Short-Term Rehab patients receive 24-hour care from our skilled medical team in a comfortable and familiar setting. And the transition from acute to follow-up care is seamless. In addition, if needed, diagnostic services, such as x-ray or lab testing, are readily accessible. Patients may remain in the program for as long as they have skilled therapeutic goals to achieve. When patients have met their goals, they will be discharged to home or to another setting.

The Short-Term Rehab Program is ideal for patients needing:

  • Wound care
  • Recovery from major surgery, joint replacement or vascular or abdominal operation
  • Rehabilitation after a stroke
  • IV medication therapy or nutritional therapy
  • Strength training after a lingering illness or prolonged hospitalization for acute medical care
  • Intensive physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy

The Short-Term Rehab Program consists of:

  • All patients in the Short-Term Rehab Program are under the care of a physician on the Schuyler Hospital Medical Staff.
  • Highly qualified nurses on the Medical- Surgical Unit oversee the Short-Term Rehab Program, providing support, care, and patient/family education during recovery.
  • Physical and occupational therapists will work to restore patient safety and independence, as well as provide education and training to facilitate a safe discharge. The patients will also be assessed for equipment and service needs before returning home.
  • Respiratory therapists teach breathing techniques and exercises to promote optimal breathing.
  • Speech therapists assist patients with interpreting and remembering written and spoken statements; help with expressing thoughts through speaking, writing and facial expressions; and promote safe swallowing.
  • Clinical dieticians offer nutritional support and education.
  • In addition to assisting with any insurance questions, our Case Manager will also help with discharge planning, personal resources and financial needs.
  • Finally, because patients are close to home, family and friends are part of the recovery team - helping speed successful healing.

Who qualifies for Short-Term Rehab?

The Short-Term Rehab Program is covered by Medicare and Medicaid, as well as many private insurance plans. Medicare reimbursement requires a 3-day qualifying stay in any Critical Access Hospital (such as Schuyler) or Acute Care Hospital prior to admission to a Short-Term Rehab Bed. If you would like to know whether you or a loved one qualify for this program please contact our case management department.

Other insurances may allow Short-Term Rehab status, but authorization must be assured prior to admission. A PRI & Screen must also be completed by the case manager to assure qualifiers are appropriate.

Schuyler Hospital’s financial counselors can assist with questions about insurance coverage.

Click here to download Schuyler Hospital's Short-Term Rehab Program brochure.

To schedule a tour, or for more information, contact Schuyler Hospital's Short-Term Rehab Program at (607) 8639 ext. 2377, (607) 535-8639 ext. 2273 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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