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Schuyler Health Foundation, Inc. was incorporated in 1987. The purpose of the Foundation is to provide funds to or for the benefit of Schuyler Hospital and its related medical facilities. The Foundation’s goal is to create and maintain a steady, dependable stream of funds to accomplish the hospital’s mission, which is “to optimize the health and healing experience of all people we serve in a safe, compassionate, and respectful environment.”

The Foundation accomplishes this by:

•soliciting, accepting, holding, investing, reinvesting, and
administering any gift, grant, bequest, contribution, benefit
or trust, endowment, and property of any kind, without
limitation as to amount or value

• using, disbursing, or paying the income or principal thereof
exclusively for the foregoing purposes or in the advancement thereof

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors. All of these people are volunteers with a keen interest in and passion for Schuyler Hospital.

In 1992, the Family of Friends Campaign was created for the purpose of soliciting community involvement. Since that time, through the generous contributions and gifts of the Hospital’s Family of Friends, the Foundation has raised thousands of dollars that have been directed to a variety of healthcare needs and programs as identified by hospital physicians and administrations.

2006 campaign: Dialysis Suite

2007 campaign: Physicial Therapy Department renovation and new equipment

2008 campaign: New Endoscopy Equipment

2009-10 campaign: September Hill Women's Health Center

2011 Campaign: Seneca View Skilled Nursing Facility

2012 Campaign: Seneca View, Equipment, Technology and Capital Needs

2013 Campaign: Seneca View and Schuyler Hospital

2014 Campaign: Seneca View and Schuyler Hospital

2015 Campaign: Click here

Over the years, individuals and local businesses have continued to meet the challenge of ever increasing goals to support Schuyler Hospital – thus ensuring quality healthcare in the community. If you are one of the several hundred people who believe in and financially support the hospital, THANK YOU!

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For information on being a part of this giving program, contact the Foundation Office at (607) 210-1950 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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